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As a customer of Perivale Christian Bookshop we are informing you with some exciting news. We have launched our new Loyalty Card. The card is a way that you can receive money towards the cost of items that you want to purchase from the Bookshop and receive special offers which are for loyalty customers only.
You will receive 1 stamp for every £10 that you spend and 10 stamps will earn you £5.
We know how cumbersome it is to have loyalty cards from every shop that you use, and that is why our card operates from your mobile phone.


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Bible reading Notes by Jeff Lucas

Communion Ware

Miracle Meal Pre-filled Communion cups with wafers

A Box Of 21 or 250 or 500 or 1000 individual Communion Cups with a wafer and concord grape juice. Pre filled communion cup with communion wafer each in its own sealed compartment. Hygienic, disposable, individual wafer and fruit juice sets combine modern convenience and purity. Pre-packaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container, each Communion participant may peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer and a second to open the fruit juice. Benefits of The Miracle Meal Communion Cups: – Hygienic – Ready to use – Packaged and Sealed for Purity – No refrigeration necessary – Can be transported without spillage – Perfect for home visits – Retreats – Small groups – Small or large church congregation – The plastic cup is recyclable



750 ml bottle. This wine is a blend of the juices of some of the finest grapes in the world. It has a full red colour and rich flavour. Suitable for Vegans.

Communion Bread

Ecclesiastically approved communion wafers. 1 1/8 ” (35mm). White single cross with sealed edge in tubs of 250 or 500 or 1200. Long expiry dates , typically 1 to 2 years.

Books by Colin E Taylor

Known to many as Pastor Colin, Rev. Colin E. Taylor, FCA, CTA, MCMI, is a retired Pastor. Born in Shrewsbury, England, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and worked for a number of companies, including some in the GKN and EMI groups. In July 1977 he became Pastor of the Perivale Mission Church in Middlesex and served there for thirty years. During this time he founded Perivale Christian Centre, which included a Christian Bookshop and a Distribution Centre for Christian products. He retired in August 2007 and he and his wife moved to Warminster, in south Wiltshire. His wife, Margaret, died in 2018. He has recently authored a number of Devotional books which feature on the Devotional Books


Apart from my family life, my professional life falls into three parts. For twenty years I worked as a Chartered Accountant with a number of companies. For thirty years I served as the Pastor of Perivale Mission Church and the related Perivale Christian Centre. Since formal retirement in 2007, I have written a number of books, operated my own website and posted devotional items online. Each of these phases is quite distinct, and yet God has blended them together in the experiences I have had, the things I have learned, and the way I have been enabled to fulfil my work and mission

I Was There!

Devotional Thoughts on

the Day the Church Began

Published  6th September 2021


This book brings together the lives of some of the people whom Jesus touched and blessed during His ministry, and who would or may have been part of the first group of believers who began the Church on the Day of Pentecost AD30. It also includes reference to the growth of the early Church into other places and countries and people who were influential in that growth over the first fifty years.

Angels, God’s Agents

Devotional Thoughts on Angels,

Who They Are & What They Do

122 pages paperback

Published  27th September 2021


Of all the subjects in the Scriptures, the character and work of Angels is probably the least understood or taught. This book draws together simply the Scriptures about Angels and the people and events in which they have been involved. Included is a section with stories of people who have had encounters with Angels. Devotional thoughts are restricted to a single page each which can be read in a few minutes.