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New Book by Colin E Taylor

Published June 2022

Apart from my family life, my professional life falls into three parts. For twenty years I worked as a Chartered Accountant with a number of companies. For thirty years I served as the Pastor of Perivale Mission Church and the related Perivale Christian Centre. Since formal retirement in 2007, I have written a number of books, operated my own website and posted devotional items online. Each of these phases is quite distinct, and yet God has blended them


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Bygone Perivale

Bygone Perivale

The book is packed with a wealth of fascinating new accounts of Perivale’s places, its characters, its pre-war countryside, its industries, schools, farms, buildings, streets, its hardship through war, along with numerous tales never told before, some grisly, some uplifting, and some humorous. Many of the site’s members have been a great help with their contributions.At almost 400 pages long, the book will appeal to anyone, young and old, who has local links to the area either through family, ancestors, work, home or school, or indeed to anybody who has a personal interest in this part of West London and the borough of Ealing.Extensively illustrated with photographs, pictures and historical clippings, I truly believe this will be the go-to book for anybody who wishes to know about life in old Perivale, from its rural days, when wheat was grown here for Queen Elizabeth I, and when Londoners would visit the hamlet for a day out in the countryside, right up to the 1930s when its meadows were swamped by new factories and housing estates, through the war years when it was threatened by nightly bombing raids and saw many of its children evacuated to the USA, and beyond into the following decades.Perivale was once a delightful, secluded hamlet of just 34 inhabitants in the late 1800s and just 60 folk at the turn of the 20th century, before the massive expansion of the 1930s, when a vibrant local community was born.The industrial park where I work today, just off Horsenden Lane South, was once the site of the famous Sanderson’s wallpaper factory, which designed and produced wallpaper for royal residences, including Windsor Castle. Its grounds boasted superb sports fields and facilities. It even had its own theatre society and kept its own pigs.So reserve your copy and read about Perivale’s famed countryside described by Betjeman, murders, drownings, drunken shenanigans at the original Ballot Box pub, the love affairs, the German bombing raids, the evacuees, its heroes and villains, its personalities and characters, Christmas dinners in air-raid shelters, the giant boxing trainer Jolly Jumbo, its shops and streets, soapbox races on Horsenden Hill, Perivale Station, prehistoric skulls, its farms and rustic lanes, its new factories and homes, the Hoover Building and all its industries, the schools, the Myllet Arms, Perivale’s charming little church by the Brent, Perivale Maternity Hospital, and much, much more!So, sit back and take a trip down memory lane and discover Perivale’s distant and not so distant past, from idyllic hamlet to bustling suburb.

Communion Ware

Fellowship Cup Box of 100 - Pre-filled Communion Wafer & Juice Cup
Box Of 100 or 250 or 500 Individual Communion Cups With Unleavened Bread And 100% Grape Juice.
Pre filled communion cup with communion wafer each in its own sealed compartment. Hygienic, disposable, individual wafer and fruit juice sets combine modern convenience and purity. Pre-packaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container, each Communion participant may peel back one seal to remove the communion wafer and a second to open the fruit juice.

Benefits of the Fellowship Communion Cup:
– Hygienic – Ready to use – Packaged and Sealed for Purity – No refrigeration necessary – Can be transported without spillage – Sized for standard communion trays – Perfect for home visits – Retreats – Small groups – Small or large church congregation


750 ml bottle. This wine is a blend of the juices of some of the finest grapes in the world. It has a full red colour and rich flavour. Suitable for Vegans.

Communion Bread

Ecclesiastically approved communion wafers. 1 1/8 ” (35mm). White single cross with sealed edge in tubs of 1200. Long expiry dates , typically 1 to 2 years. Also available in tubs of 250 or 500 or 1200.

1 1/8" Communion Wafers - tub of 250
1 1/8" Communion Wafers - tub of 500
1 1/8" Communion Wafers - tub of 1200

Books by Colin E Taylor

Known to many as Pastor Colin, Rev. Colin E. Taylor, FCA, CTA, MCMI, is a retired Pastor. Born in Shrewsbury, England, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and worked for a number of companies, including some in the GKN and EMI groups. In July 1977 he became Pastor of the Perivale Mission Church in Middlesex and served there for thirty years. During this time he founded Perivale Christian Centre, which included a Christian Bookshop and a Distribution Centre for Christian products. He retired in August 2007 and he and his wife moved to Warminster, in south Wiltshire. His wife, Margaret, died in 2018. He has recently authored a number of Devotional books which feature on the Devotional Books

Who Am I?

Devotional Thoughts on Who I Am in Christ

125 pages paperback

Published 29th August 2019


Each page has a description of Who I am as a Believer in Christ, with Scripture reference and devotional thoughts. This book is not a deep or comprehensive study but is written for the “person in the pew” and designed to increase faith.

God says, “I AM”

Devotional Thoughts on Who God Is

127 pages paperback

Published 24th December 2019


Each page has a description of one of the Titles or Attributes of God, with Scripture reference and devotional thoughts. This book is not a deep or comprehensive study but written for the “person in the pew”.

Jesus says, “I AM”

Devotional Thoughts on Who Jesus Is

127 pages paperback

Published 15th April 2020


Each page has a description of one of the Names or Attributes of Jesus, His works or words, with Scripture reference and devotional thoughts This book is not a deep or comprehensive study but written for the “person in the pew” to increase our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit is “I AM”

Devotional Thoughts on Who the

Holy Spirit  Is

119 pages paperback

Published 7th June 2020


Each page has a description of one of the Names or Attributes of the Holy Spirit, His works or words, with Scripture reference and devotional thoughts This book is not a deep or comprehensive study but written for the “person in the pew” to increase our faith in and understanding of the Holy Spirit

They Prayed

Devotional Thoughts on

Answers to Prayer

122 pages paperback

Published  27th August 2020


This book is a basic guide to prayer and the question, “Does God answer prayer?” This book is not intended to be a comprehensive look at prayer, but is written for the “person in the pew”. Each of the devotional thoughts is confined to a single page and can be read in a few minutes. This book may be read through, used on a daily basis or simply dipped into when a need arises.

Growing Your Faith

Daily Devotional Thoughts

For a Year

376 pages paperback

Published  27th December 2020


This book has devotional thoughts for each day of the year and includes extracts from the first four books above. Each of the devotional thoughts is confined to a single page and can be read in a few minutes.  

I Was There!

Devotional Thoughts on

the Day the Church Began

Published  6th September 2021


This book brings together the lives of some of the people whom Jesus touched and blessed during His ministry, and who would or may have been part of the first group of believers who began the Church on the Day of Pentecost AD30. It also includes reference to the growth of the early Church into other places and countries and people who were influential in that growth over the first fifty years.

Angels, God’s Agents

Devotional Thoughts on Angels,

Who They Are & What They Do

122 pages paperback

Published  27th September 2021


Of all the subjects in the Scriptures, the character and work of Angels is probably the least understood or taught. This book draws together simply the Scriptures about Angels and the people and events in which they have been involved. Included is a section with stories of people who have had encounters with Angels. Devotional thoughts are restricted to a single page each which can be read in a few minutes.